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There is a difference in rubber quality! As the Booty Builder Bands are used in commercial classes we use the best quality rubber that wont lose its resistance or rollover on itself after minimal use.

DIFFERENT STRENGTH LEVELS: Pick the color most suited to your strength level! RED is LIGHT, BLACK is MEDIUM, and ORANGE is HEAVY. Find your perfect match so you can focus on what matters – making the most of every workout! Progress from RED to ORANGE in no time!

TRAIN ANYWHERE: Use Booty Builder to train anywhere, anytime. Work up a sweat at home, at the gym, at the office, even on vacation. With these high-quality exercise bands, there are no limits or excuses. Build the perfect glutes and ensure a FULL body workout.

COMPACT: This 3-pack edition of top-grade RUBBER Exercise Bands comes in a handy, attractive bag. Enjoy safe storage and protection when you’re not using your bands. Take the bag with you wherever life takes you. These Booty Builder bands have been engineered to last longer than most, surviving even the most intense workouts.

PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Even the toughest of athletes will get a KILLER workout with these advanced resistance bands. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the Booty Builder bands will help you achieve your goals. Place them around your knees when performing thrusts or squats, or use them for your own exercises. There are no limits.

Resistance levels:

  • Red = Light 25-30 LBS (11-13 KG)
  • Black = Medium 32-37 LBS (15-17 KG)
  • Orange = Heavy 45-50 LBS (20-23 KG)